Theatre for young people

Stereo workshops in schools
Stereo workshops in schools

At Arc Theatre we care passionately about children and young people's learning - and we believe in the power of drama and theatre in helping to develop this. We know that many teachers believe this too. We actively look for opportunities to make projects happen with and for young people across the Key Stages, and we use great stories at their centre, so that children and young people can really connect.

We know teachers are under pressure to deliver results through the National Curriculum, and sometimes creativity can lose out. We create learning opportunities that enhance the curriculum and may even contribute to improving results. What we do is based on capturing imaginations and participation in enriching theatre and drama experiences.

We have performed to hundreds of thousands of children and young people across the country, creating theatre and drama-based projects around a huge variety of themes and issues, from drug awareness, behaviour and changing schools, through to careers choices, gender and relationships.

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