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At Arc Theatre we are specialists in creating high-impact presentations, training programmes and events for our business clients. Using powerful stories, theatre and expert facilitation we devise tailor-made programmes that communicate your issues and achieve your outcomes through an imaginative and engaging experience. All of our teams are led by outstanding facilitators and we are unique in employing actors who are also skilled in this area of expertise.

Introducing Arc's new communications initiatives for Business

Engaging staff and customers with a practical new approach

If you are looking for more effective and exciting ways to engage your team and clients than Powerpoint Presentations, Arc could have the creative solution you need!


Download Arc Communications flyer (PDF, 187k), or move over image to find out how..



... and two brand new practical half-day workshops for staff:


Motivating Teams and Individuals

High performing teams share lots of things in common: They understand and share the organisation’s vision; their leaders lead by example; people are treated as adults and also feel free to get on with the job!

This half-day workshop is highly interactive using a range of practical group exercises including Forum Theatre with professional actors to bring scenarios to life.

“There has been great interest from LMN members in new ways of retaining talent in the IT team, especially at a time of challenge and change. The Arc team impressed the audience at our workshop earlier this year and I am delighted that their contribution is proving effective for members.”
Maria Ilia, Head of Business at London Metropolitan Network

Download full Motivating Teams and Individuals flyer (PDF, 296k)



Exceptional Customer Service

It almost goes without saying that great customer service is vital to sustaining any organisation. 80% of complaints received by an organisation are likely to have poor communication as their root cause.

This half-day workshop is highly interactive using practical group exercises including Forum Theatre with professional actors to bring to life challenging and familiar customer service situations.

“The workshop managed to involve the whole department and get staff, who do not normally say a word, fully involved and very vocal. It was a resounding success.”
Wojtek Adamek, Director of ICT, London South Bank University

Download full Exceptional Customer Service flyer (PDF, 90k)


To talk to Arc about increasing staff effectiveness in your organisation or communicating your ideas or messages, contact Nita Bocking at nita@arctheatre.com.


“Training was a critical part of re-structuring the ICT Department at LSBU, aiming to create a motivated team and a focus on service for our customers in the University. Along with technical training and management training, we invested in soft skills training with a customer service session with Arc Theatre for all the team - the results were phenomenal.”
Wojtek Adamek, Director of ICT at London South Bank University

Read the full Arc Theatre in partnership with London Metropolitan Network Case Study:

Achieving Customer Service Excellence through Interactive Theatre (PDF, 145k)


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Augusto Boal -
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